Product Supply

Product Supply

The central link in the chain

Research/development – production – distribution: production (Product Supply) is the central link in this chain. Its aim is to ensure a reliable supply of drugs and other medical products to people and animals.

Three steps towards achieving the aim

Achieving this aim is the task of about 17,000 members of staff at approx. 60 locations all over the world. After purchasing reasonably priced raw materials and packaging materials, three steps are required for the manufacturing process itself:

  • Step 1: Chemical or biotechnological production of the active ingredients.
  • Step 2:Processing (formulation) the active ingredients into finished drugs. Active ingredients can be formulated for administration in solid form as tablets or powders, for example, or in a semi-solid form as ointments and creams. Infusions or injections are liquid forms of administration. Our hormonal contraceptives are supplied as sugar- or film-coated tablets or used in intrauterine systems (coils), for example. In addition to drug products for humans and animals, medical devices for diagnosis and therapy are produced in the United States of America.
  • Step 3: Packaging.

Video feature: Vertical production process at Bayer HealthCare

One active ingredient – many products

Product Supply provides Bayer HealthCare with about 30,000 articles. This number is so high because of the different forms of presentation of the individual products and their packaging. Take Aspirin, for example: it is marketed in various different forms of administration containing varying amounts of the active ingredient. In addition, there are different package sizes, and the packs have to be labeled in the languages of many different countries. Delivering the right product in the right packaging to the right country is a major logistical task, and it can only function with reliable logistical systems and a high level of commitment on the part of the staff.

Production Network creates advantages

The Product Supply unit steers the subgroup’s entire supply chain, from raw material procurement to manufacturing to product shipment, utilizing a global production network consisting of its own sites and those of subcontractors. In this way we aim to steadily reduce costs, increase our flexibility and delivery reliability, and maintain high standards of quality, safety and environmental protection on a global basis. The manufacture of pharmaceuticals is subject to exceptionally stringent quality requirements defi ned by the term “Good Manufacturing Practices” (gmp). Compliance with these requirements is regularly audited by internal experts, regulatory authorities and external consultants.

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