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  • Net sales in 2013: EUR 1,306 million
  • Headquarters: Monheim (Germany)

The goals of the Animal Health Division are to maintain the health of animals and cure veterinary diseases, with the focus primarily on treating infectious diseases and repelling parasites. In livestock – animals that play a role in food production – the safety of drug and care products is paramount for food safety. Companion animals receive special attention in clinical practice: in view of the emotional ties that people have to them but also their close relationship to the family, it is vital that they receive dependable, easy-to-use and safe medication in order to safeguard both their well-being and that of their owners.

With more than 100 different animal health and care products worldwide for livestock and companion animals, the division is one of the most successful suppliers in the field of veterinary medicine. Animal Health is well positioned in the steadily growing market for antiparasitic products for companion animals.

The largest product line comprises Advantix™ and Advantage™ for the prevention and treatment of flea infestation in dogs and cats. We occupy leading positions in individual countries and product segments, and are the world’s fourth-largest animal health company in terms of sales. Depending on local regulatory frameworks, animal health products may be available to end users as prescribed by a veterinarian or prescription-free from veterinarians, pharmacies or retail stores.

The key products include

  • flea-control medications such as Advantage™, for dogs and cats,
  • products against ticks,
  • drugs to treat infectious diseases in livestock and companion animals (Baytril™),
  • products to control endoparasites in pets (Drontal™ and Drontal™ Plus)
  • as well as Baycox™, the innovative product to control coccidia problems in farm animals.

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