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  • Net sales in 2014: EUR 12,052 million
  • Headquarters: Berlin (Germany)

The Pharmaceuticals segment supplies prescription products in the fields of General Medicine and Specialty Medicine. In the General Medicine area, we offer cardiovascular medicines such as Adalat™ to treat high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, Aspirin™ Cardio to prevent heart attacks, our anticoagulant Xarelto™, and the antihypertensive Kinzal™/ Pritor™. This portfolio also includes women’s healthcare products such as our YAZ™/ Yasmin™/ Yasminelle™ and Mirena™ contraceptives, and hormone replacement therapies such as Angeliq™.

Our range of Specialty Medicine products, which are mainly prescribed by specialist physicians, includes the multiple sclerosis drug Betaferon™/ Betaseron™, the hemophilia A therapy Kogenate™, and Nexavar™ to treat certain types of cancer. In the pharmaceuticals market we are among the world’s top 15 companies in terms of sales.

Our pharmaceutical products are primarily distributed through wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals. Co-promotion and co-marketing agreements serve to optimize our distribution network. For example, the agreement with Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries Janssen Research & Development l.l.c. and Janssen Pharmaceuticals (formerly Ortho-McNeil) concerning the joint further development and marketing of the anticoagulant Xarelto™ ensures optimum progress in this area, conferring regional marketing rights that enable the partners to share in the product’s expected success.

Its highest-selling products include:

  • Betaferon™/Betaseron™ (multiple sclerosis)  
  • YAZ™ / Yasmin™ / Yasminelle™ (hormonal contraceptive)
  • Kogenate™ (hemophilia)
  • Nexavar™ (cancer)
  • Adalat™ (hypertension)
  • Mirena™ (hormonal contraceptive)
  • Avalox™ / Avelox™ (respiratory tract infections)
  • Levitra™ (erectile dysfunction)
  • Aspirin Cardio™
  • Glucobay™ (diabetes) 
  • Xarelto™ (anticoagulant)

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